Fort Hood and Healing

When I heard about the Fort Hood shootings my first thought was for the victims and their families. Later, when I found out that the shootings were carried out by a Muslim member of the US military, my second thought was, "How awful for Muslim Americans. I can't imagine how they must feel, as a religious minority in this country, going to work the next day."

This interview with a victim's family gave me hope:

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May we all follow the example of Michael Cahill's family.

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3 thoughts on “Fort Hood and Healing”

  1. As for me, I felt bad for all the victims of the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the complicity of the US government with tyrannical regime like those of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is hard to argue with the motive of the Ft. Hood shooter, when you consider the regular massacres that take place in territory occupied by the forces of the American regime.

    Names like Kunduz and Fallujah and Beit Jibel and Farah come to my mind, hearing about this. When American soldiers commit hideous crimes against humanity, it is barely noticable, but when a Muslim acts on his God-given conscience and attacks a MILITARY target based on a clear and present threat it poses to Muslim civilians, this, this is terrorism.

  2. Dammerung,
    So 9/11, Madrid, London, South Africa and many more attacks of fundamental radicals was provoked, or because of military aggression?

    When our military go "under orders" of our elected official (the ones YOU put into office), they do so with the full knowledge of others. There are no surprise attachs, as the press covers the negotiating and sometimes even the strategy of our forces.

    War or conflict is not the "ideal", but in a world that is filled with complexities, and many values and viewpoints, it would be hard to pinpoint one "right view" of the world in regards to the military. They do us a service, whether we appreciate it or not and they do so at great sacrifice to preserve our freedom and interests.

    Don't you believe in your nation? (at least in an idealistic sense?)

  3. I do believe in my nation - I believe it is a nation predicated on intolerance, violence, and the enslavement of others. The fact, the FACT that the American government has been supporting vile regimes in places like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Chile, and many many others gives lie to the propaganda about their supposed interest in democracy. They don't give a damn about democracy, human rights, or anything else. All they care about is expanding their own power over us and over the entire globe. The fact, the FACT that the American government has supported organizations like Al Queda in the past and Jundallah presently, demonstrates they have no interest in preventing terrorism but instead to use terrorism to advance their own agendas.

    I do not consent to our current form of government and no one who claims to be a Christian ought to. I didn't vote for any of them, I don't consent to their rule, and I hope and pray they get what's coming to them without dragging the rest of us down with them. The government in America is like all governments an organized criminal mafia which produces nothing but weapons and corpses and justifies itself under the thin veneer of the two party "democracy" where both parties are puppets with the same corporate hands up their ass.

    The fact is, the fact has always been, that Muslim peoples have the right to defend themselves and resist foreign occupation. If Chinese troops rolled into my city and set up roadblocks and checkpoints, and dropped bombs on innocents, and imprisoned teenagers and tortured them without just cause or ever giving them a trial - you had better believe that I'd join the "conspiracy" of "terrorism" to liberate my land from their oppression. Yet we deny this same right, this same FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT of self-defense, to certain individuals and nations on the basis of the fact that they're skery browned muslums.

    If America had spent a dozen years under Soviet occupation, had foreign parties funding terrorism to benefit their own purpose, had every form of civil government and society co-opted by an enemy power who didn't give a damn about them, and then was invaded AGAIN upon the thinnest pretext under which an entire nation was blamed for the acts of two dozen terrorists, most of them foreign to its lands - then perhaps America today would be as backwards, poor, and fundamentalist as Afghanistan.

    The Bible tells us that those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. All Americans should be begging and crying to God for forgiveness lest that verse come to fruition.

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