Bacon is a Little Hug from God

I got this e-mail from my friend Mel at church:

I believe the Google search auto complete function is a Rorschach test of the internet. There is a blog called that has cataloged numerous examples.

For example, if you type in "bacon is a", one of Google's responses is "bacon is a little hug from god".

Other examples "this looks like a" returns "this looks like a job for emergency pants".

Some responses are oddly philosophical (the bacon example) while some are just nonsensical ("my wife left town with a banana").

Now excuse me, I need some bacon.

bacon is a little hug from god
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9 thoughts on “Bacon is a Little Hug from God”

  1. This may be the funniest post (along with its background materials) of the year.



  2. Given the amount of suffering that goes into one pound of bacon (not to mention the ill consequences for your health and the environment), I would hardly call it a gift from a loving god. I really wonder why that's a recommended search..

    I like the idea of the google search being like a Rorschach test though... very thought provoking.


  3. Jordan, would you care to elaborate on theenvironmental insults that you allege are uniquely traceable to bacon? qb is fascinated by your allegation.

    Your servant,


  4. qb,

    I suppose I was referring more to the meat industry in general, but certainly, the rearing of pigs is a waste of resources. The limited, fatty, unhealthy meat you retreive is hardly worth the suffering and resources necessarry to bring that about.

    Anyway, Richard's blog is not the place to debate animal ethics (though I wish he would talk about it/consider it more often given his allegiance with a supremely loving/compassionate god)


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