I was blessed today,
or lucky,
depending upon your cosmology.
But really,
this isn't about metaphysics.
It's about riding my bicycle home
and getting caught in the rain.
Not a hard rain, mind you,
where you cannot see
for the rivers of water in your eyes.
A soft rain,
just enough
to make the scent of earth and grass
wake up,
and fill the air.
You know that smell.
And the sound of the tires,
a vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,
(that's how I'd spell it),
as they slashed through shallow puddles
with beads of water spinning off the rubber.
And the sky overhead,
so close and watchful.
Like a brooding parent
worrying about the prudence of my actions,
and slightly disapproving.
But I did not mind
his glower
or the looks of children
peeping through foggy windows
as they passed me on their drive home from school.
I did not mind.
For I was happy
and awake.

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4 thoughts on “Dharma”

  1. This poem should be considered Part 3 for the posts On the Possibility of Happiness. The recommendation? Mindfulness.

  2. Hi. I've recently discovered this blog, and I've appreciated the thoughtful writing here. It's interesting to me recently especially because I was an athiest who found the Zen worldview to make a lot of sense and be emotionally fulfilling. I married into an Evangelical family, and I'm trying to understand the nuances of their worldview. There are even gestures on their side to understand me. In any case, your series on happiness seems to involve concepts I'm familiar with from my tradition - mindfulness, non-attachment. Being awake and thoughtful.

    Anyway - I enjoy the blog. Looking forward to the next post.

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