Look Inside Unclean

I don't want to turn this blog into one big promotional tool for my new book. I think the book is really interesting (I know of no other book quite like it in either theology or psychology), but you don't really want me talking about it every week. So I'll try to keep book-pushing to a minimum.

But I did want to point out that Unclean is now listed at Amazon. However, I still think, given the promotional code for readers of this blog, the best price today is from Wipf & Stock. And I also think they can ship sooner than the 3-4 weeks listed at Amazon.

So why point out the Amazon listing? Simply because the "Look Inside" feature at Amazon will allow you to peak inside the book, giving prospective readers a chance to look at the Table of Contents and parts of chapters.

So, perhaps browse the book at Amazon and buy using the promotional code at Wipf & Stock.

And that's enough book talk for now. Back to our regular scheduled programming.

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6 thoughts on “Look Inside Unclean

  1. Do it! It's an extraordinary and fascinating book, and he's right, it's unlike anything else. A genuine mind-opener. Enough gushing. Get the book.

  2. Hi Nan,
    I just saw your review at Amazon. I'm touched by both the content and your taking the time to do it. Thank you.

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