The Bible Experience?

With summer coming Jana and I start searching around for audio books that we can take with us during our summer travels. We are huge fans of audio books. Nothing makes the miles fly by more quickly than if you are engrossed in a good audio book. In fact, that is how Jana and I read the Harry Potter books, listening to Jim Dale's wonderful audio performance. When I think of how the characters sound in Harry Potter I think of Dale's interpretations rather than the voices from the movies.

Anyhow, the other day I was looking at audio books in a local bookstore and came across The Bible Experience. Generally speaking, I'd avoid an audio book about the Bible. I've heard audio versions of the Bible before and I can't imagine any of them keeping me awake. But The Bible Experience looks like it might be different. I'm intrigued, for instance, to hear Denzel Washington read the Song of Solomon.

So, does anyone own The Bible Experience? What do you think of it?

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10 thoughts on “The Bible Experience?”

  1. Don't have it, but want it!  Just watching the trailer gives me goose bumps....From the looks of it, the recording artists were every bit as moved by the experience as the listeners.  Powerful stuff!

  2. It's good.  My dad has it and though I've not listened to all of it, what I've heard is good.

  3.  I have it and if you like the dramatic method it's very effective, sadly I compare all audio to Scourby's masterful production, but that might just be the KJV's poetry. If you like your audio books do check out they have loads of great classics in mb4 all public domain and the work of wonderful volunteers. The version of Paradise Lost is actually better that the one I purchased from Christian audio. 

  4. I was just about to post something very rude and xenophobic about comparing second rate American voice-over artists to the cream of British theatre and cinema, but thought I'd better check who Jim Dale was first...  What a surprise!  I had no idea that this icon from the 'Carry On...' films of my youth (they were an unlikely favourite of my otherwise remote father) was now known to millions of Americans as the voice of Harry Potter!  I wonder if these classic 'slap and tickle' films are known in the States?  Do the cinematic annals of your illustrious country ring to the sound of such lines as Carry on Cleo's, "Infamy, infamy - they've all got it in for me!"?  As always, your posts are an education...!

  5.  My husband has listened to most of it and loves it (he used to commute several hours a day).  The bits I've heard are very well done -- my sense is that the drama helps you stay engaged with the story rather than getting in the way.

  6. Denzel Washington reading Song of Soloman?!  Oh man that's just too awesome.  Please tell me that it would be set to Marvin Gaye songs!

  7. I have this and would love to loan it to you and Jana for your trip. I enjoy listening to it! One minute a familiar voice is reading scripture, then the next minute someone breaks out in song, which keeps me from zoning out.

  8. Ok I'm hoping that being British I can ask an ignorant question - is there a reason why it's a 100% African American cast?

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