The Best Ending to the Christian Story: Series Wrap

Over at Two Friars and a Fool Dr. Kirk's response to my previous essay about the best ending of the Christian story is now up.

It's been a great two weeks of conversation. Thanks to TF&F and to Dr. Kirk. And thanks to those of you who weighed with your own thoughts and observations. A final recap:

The Lead Essays: What is the Best Ending to the Christian Story?

Richard Beck: Universal Reconciliation and the Christological Hymns
J.R. Daniel Kirk: A Non-Universal Story

Responses to the Lead Essays:

Beck responding to Kirk: Radical Continuity
Kirk responding to Beck: Beautiful Endings

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One thought on “The Best Ending to the Christian Story: Series Wrap”

  1. Thanks to both.  A good exchange.  

    Richard - “That said, we come full circle as I reject visions of ‘election’ and ‘regeneration’ that introduce a radical discontinuity into our biographies with God.”  

    I’m confused.  If felt-experiences of ‘regeneration’ themselves feel radically discontinuous as subjectively experienced, and these radical experiences then go a-searching for religious language and a group home (church  community using radical theological language – language now a system attractor), then are you saying that only the language (‘visions’) of radical discontinuity should be modified? – or are you saying that the subjective felt-experience of radical discontinuity itself really isn’t discontinuous after all? – because the Spirit has been working all along in hidden variable-like ways at deeper and unnoticeable levels? – either way, when is it intellectually dishonest for someone who has a vivid and robust felt-radically-discontinuous experience not to – say so?  

    A good back and forth between you and Kirk.  Thanks to both.  

    Cheers, ~ Jim

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