MANA & the Manabago

Food Crisis in East Africa - MANA from ManaNutrition on Vimeo.

Mark Moore and the Manabago are coming to Abilene on Monday!

Mark is the CEO and founder of MANA. What is MANA? From the MANA website:
Simply put, Mana is RUTF.

What’s RUTF?

RUTF stands for Ready to Use Therapeutic Food, and it’s been designed specifically to treat kids diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). RUTF can be broadly defined as peanut butter mixed with fortified milk in an over-sized ketchup packet.

A child diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition can be – literally – on the brink of death. On average, three packets a day for six weeks will revive a child, getting him or her back to normal nutritive levels, healthy, responsive and happy. Better yet, the RUTF track record is such that kids who have been “nursed” back to health from a SAM state rarely fall back into that state again. In other words, when they’re back, they’re back for good!
Mark recently wrote about his discovery of the "miracle food" (aka, peanut butter) at the Huffington Post. To help raise awareness and funds for MANA Mark and others are driving a groovy 1971 Manabago through the United States. The stated goal of the Manabago tour is to help save the lives of 10,000 kids by Christmas 2011.

The Manabago is in Abilene on Monday. Again, surf the MANA website for more about RUTF and its uses in treating children with severe acute malnutrition. And look for the Manabago coming to a city near you!

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