Monday Night Bible Study

The barbed wire
looks like a pricky pear--
needles black
and sharp against
the pink sky of sunset.
Doors sliding,
opening, closing,
before me,
after me.
And nodding to
uniformed grey strangers
behind thick glass
as IDs are passed.
God is somewhere
this dark place.
among the gang tattoos
and the pepperspray.
Belt and shoes
off and in the bin.
Bible scanned
and flipped through
for contraband.
Hands patting
me down.
So it begins
the search this night.
God is somewhere
in here
among the men
dressed in white.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Night Bible Study”

  1. I've been reading Manley P Hall's book and a theme that I keep seeing, although not at all the theme of the book, is that God is everywhere.  Thanks for the poem. It is conformation.

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