The Affordable Care Act + 1

This week when I shared some thoughts about the Affordable Care Act I made the following statement:
I could care less about repealing Obamacare. But I care great deal about if you can improve it.
Let me clarify what I meant by that. By improving I don't mean, necessarily, improving the ACA. To be clear, I'm perfectly happy with reforming the ACA to make it better. But I'm also fine with replacing the ACA with something better. I'm not very invested in the ACA. I'm invested increasing the number of people in America having access to affordable healthcare

(Or, as the situation is right now, affordable insurance. That's a bit different as I noted in my earlier post. The ACA is insurance reform; it's not "socialized medicine.")

So here's my point about alternative plans being proposed. By "improvement" I mean the following:

ACA + 1

That is, I'll support any plan on the table that provides affordable healthcare (or insurance) for as many as are currently being provided for under the ACA plus one. 

ACA + 1 is better than the ACA.

But if it's not +1 then it's a nonstarter where my vote is concerned.  

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One thought on “The Affordable Care Act + 1”

  1. Richard, what do you really think the odds are that status quo ante was already ACA + 1? That ACA will not add a single person to the number of those who have affordable health care, or will actually decrease that number by encouraging fewer people to enter medical practice? I'm really curious here--I am skeptically choosing 50% that it will make things better and 50% that it will make things worse. (My Republican and Democrat friends think my figure is off, but they disagree which way it's off!)

    Anyway, this post is well put.

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