Experimental Theology: Years in Review 2007-2012

Happy New Year's Eve!

Since starting Experimental Theology in the middle of 2006, I've collected highlights from the blog at the end of the year. Tomorrow I'll be posting the 2013 Year in Review.

The blog has evolved a lot over the years. Much of the evolution because of my ongoing faith journey. And old readers have left and new readers have come. And many of you have been with me for years. Thank you.

Since 2006 the layout of the blog has changed at least four times. Over time I've settled into a standard way of setting up a page and citing Scriptures. I'm sort of OCD in making sure the page and fonts look clean and standard from post to post.  Some things I've worked to keep the same since 2006. I've tried to keep the blog free of clutter. I've never moved from blogspot. Which has sort of become a badge of honor for me. I still don't tag posts but gather them topically on the sidebar under headings. And I still write long posts and do multi-part series.

And finally, over the years I've settled into a regular blogging rhythm, posting Monday through Friday with posts appearing at 5:00 am CST.

And so, per tradition, for your browsing pleasure if you are killing time over the holidays, links to the Years in Review from 2007-2012:
The 2007 Year in Review
The 2008 Year in Review
The 2009 Year in Review
The 2010 Year in Review
The 2011 Year in Review
The 2012 Year in Review
Tomorrow on New Year's Day we'll take a look back at the year that was 2013.

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  1. Hello - I just thought I would say Happy New Year and thank you for a year of fascinating posts. I rarely keep up with people who blog every day but you are the exception. It helps a lot that you write so concisely and keep the pages so clean, but most of all I know I will always find something thought-provoking here. All the very best for 2014!

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