A Child of Yours

During my Mother's birthday last year I posted a poem for her. I thought I'd share it again for her today. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I remember when you said
(and you said this over and over)
that no matter what
you would always love me.
No matter what.
Those were your words.
I remember this very clearly,
though I didn't then comprehend
the risk you were taking--
one still outstanding--
in the burden of that unconditionality.
I feel the weight of those words
more fully now.
For those were the words
by which I came to understand
what it means to love.
For I can see now
what I could not have known then
as I follow the thread of memories:
that every love in my life
has been an expression,
a heartbeat,
a child
of yours.

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2 thoughts on “A Child of Yours”

  1. Mother's Day - or to give it its proper, liturgical name, Mothering Sunday - is always the 4th Sunday in Lent* in the UK, so I always have to remember to buy a card for my mum (sorry, mom) at that time, and then remember again to post it a good week prior to this time - which I have successfully done again this year. Now just one more thing to remember (so thanks for the heads-up, Richard): to call "home" later today, remembering also the 5-hour difference in time. All this remembering, so stressful -- I guess it's just as well that I'm a Christian, regularly doing "this in remembrance of me". Have a wonderful day, my fellow Americans!

    * Traditionally, people tried to return to their "mother" church on Lent 4, and the Epistle for the day was Galatians 4:21-31 (nb v. 26: "But the heavenly Jerusalem is free, and she is our mother"). Now Americanised as Mother's Day, it's really just another pagan holiday.

  2. Absolutely brimming with truth and beauty! Thank you for sharing.

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