Search Term Friday: Halloween, Death and Monsters

I always get huge traffic this time of year with Halloween-oriented search terms.

Halloween, vampires, monsters. You name it, those search terms bring all sorts of people to this blog.

Why? Because of all the Halloween-themed and monster-focused meditations I've written over the years.

And much of that material has ended up in my three books, what I like to call my "death trilogy."

I hope you have a blessed and Happy Halloween. A collection of reflections for the day:

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3 thoughts on “Search Term Friday: Halloween, Death and Monsters”

  1. Have you seen the animated movie "Hotel Transylvania?" It deals with several of the themes you mentioned above, in a kinda cute way, with enough humor to keep the kids interested.

  2. ♪Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania♫
    ♪Such a lovely place♪
    ♫Such a lovely face♫

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