A Conflict Between Sinners

The Christian faith ought to persuade us that political controversies are always conflicts between sinners and not between righteous men and sinners.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

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6 thoughts on “A Conflict Between Sinners”

  1. What I see when someone jumps into the political ring in order to "make this country righteous", their lack of thought often invites being sliced to ribbons by the thoughtful and the conscientious who know what they talking about. But few of them learn from the experience; they only see themselves as "persecuted for righteousness sake". However, when an individual is determined to protect the dignity of every human being, they are usually given the time and room to grown by those who know that this person is holding them up.

  2. Do you think that Niebuhr would acknowledge a subdivision among sinner-politicians between decent guys and right jerks?

  3. Agreed! And for an example of that very sort of superiority complex, which often issues in a variety of straw men and demonization and deliberate distortions of others' pionts of view and motivations, let's consider the following excerpt:

    "Forgive me for becoming political, but sense the political right wing and the religious right over lap so much, I do believe it is appropriate. During the sixties there was a big debate among conservatives and liberals regarding SITUATION ETHICS. Most liberals spoke of it as love determining the right action for a situation rather than a strict code; whereas conservatives said, "No", that nothing changes right and wrong as far as actions are concerned. But what I see today is a mindset among those of the Right, which states that "whatever is necessary to make sure people think and act 'righteously' is acceptable", whether it be twisting history, science and scripture, or limiting the voting power of people of color, the elderly and young people..."

    Anybody recognize that language?


  4. There are times when a person should feel honored when making another person so angry, when it is obvious the right spot has been touched. I hope that there others who read the comments above and feel just as angry as yourself. Thank you, Mr. Auverman.

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