Unpublished: A Sketch of Faith

A sketch of my faith:

The rhetoric of Pentecostalism.

The theology of Christian liberals and radicals.

The practice of Christian contemplatives.

The ecclesiology of the potluck meal and worship on the Lord's Day. 

--from an unpublished post trying to puzzle out and describe my faith

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7 thoughts on “Unpublished: A Sketch of Faith”

  1. Looks really good to me. But you missed one; the FIFTH one. Don't you remember that we of the Church of Christ tradition keep everything in fives? Notably, the five steps of the plan of salvation and the five acts of worship. So, if I may, if it is not too intrusive, please let me add one for myself: The poetry of the old hymns. Thanks.

  2. I call myself a Zen-Catholic - but really just wondering if you have read Marilynne Robinson's latest book: "Lila". Gets at the biblical basis of how I understand faith in a way that I had never explored much, opening up a door to Pentecostalism for me.

  3. Just curious what you mean by the words "Christian liberals"? Do you mean liberal in a classic philosophical sense? Do you mean liberal in the sense of the stream of Protestant theology that has descended from Schleiermacher? Or, do you mean liberal in a political sense?

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