Personal Days: Toilet Paper and The Choice Paradox

I had noticed that we'd run out of toilet paper. Driving past Walmart Monday night on the way home from the prison bible study I pulled in to get some. I found the toilet paper aisle. And then I saw this:

There is a whole, two-tiered row at Walmart--end to end--filled with a bewildering array of toilet paper choices. Different plys. Tons of different adjectives for the word soft. Infusions of Aloe and Vitamin E. Quilting and ripples.

Incidentally, as I peered at the packaging for the ripples it kind of grossed me out:

Removes more! I really didn't want that image in my head.

I dialed Jana.

"Hey Sweetie, we were out of toilet paper so I pulled into Walmart to get some."

"That's great!"

"Yeah, but I'm standing here in the toilet paper aisle and there are like 10,000 choices. Is there a brand or type that you usually get?"

"Just get anything that is 2 Ply."

I scan the aisles. "Most of these are 2 Ply. Would you like anything else? Aloe infusion? Quilting? Ripples?"


"Yes, ripples. They remove more."

"Just get Great Value, the generic brand."

"That should narrow it down."

I look and find the Great Value toilet paper, thinking my choices are over. But then...

Soft or strong? No!!!!!!!

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