Fragile Worshipers

I used to be a fragile worshiper.

I'd go to church and there would always be something that set me off. Sometimes it would be a song lyric that I found theologically problematic or overly sentimental. Sometimes it was something someone said from the stage. And a lot of the time it would be getting upset about something I wished we'd do differently. "I wish we would do it this way instead of that way," I'd often remark.

The littlest thing would get me disgruntled and annoyed. Worship had to be perfect. Any theological slip ups and I'd pounce. I had to agree with and like everything. Start to finish.

Perhaps you've been a fragile worshiper, and maybe still are. Are you overly sensitive to and emotionally triggered by anything that is said or sung in church that you don't like or agree with?

Over the years I've worked hard to become less brittle in worship, more tolerant of song lyrics or shared thoughts I don't really like or agree with. I got fed up with the vanity and entitlement of being a fragile worshiper, fatigued by the narcissism of making myself the measure of all things theological and liturgical.

Yes, any given Sunday there is a bunch of stuff I which I wish wasn't said or sung. But I'm filled with a lot more grace about it all.

I've given up being a fragile worshiper.

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