Personal Days: Proverbs 27.14

My youngest son, Aidan, isn't a morning person. So he really doesn't like it when I greet and talk to him in the morning with any amount of volume or pep.

But sometimes, just because, well, I'm an irritating father, I'll hit him with "Good morning, my son!!" just to watch him wince.

One morning after I hit him with a cheerful morning greeting I said to him, "You know what one of my favorite Bible passages is?"

"What?" he blearily says, less than interested.

"Proverbs 27.14. And I bet you'll LOVE it."

I get a Bible and turn to the text, handing it to him so he can read it.

His eyes widen in surprise. I was right, he likes this text.

So much so Aidan wrote it down and put it up on our refrigerator, I think as a warning to his loud father.

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