Thesis Chair

As regular readers know, my day job, what I do to pay the rent, doesn't show up much on this blog or in my books. As an experimental psychologist I spend most of my days teaching statistics (undergraduate and graduate) and supervising graduate thesis research.

Though it's hard work, I love chairing thesis research. This year I have a bunch of students. Here's what we've been researching this semester:

Jusiah's thesis is looking at the role racial socialization plays in reducing distress among African Americans in the face of microaggressions.

Craig is looking at the impact of parental mental illness upon children, resiliency in particular.

Pablo is assessing the effectiveness of a sleep education intervention upon sleep quality among college students.

Kelsey is researching the impact of parental control upon ruminative exploration among college students. (An example of ruminative exploration is never begin able to settle upon a major or career focus.)

Brianna is examining perceptions of female competency as a function of workplace attire.

Finally, Amanda just started with me and she's looking at how empathy affects pain tolerance: Can you endure more pain if you're suffering it for others?

This is my life away from the blog.

It's fun and fascinating.

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