Prison Diary: About Those Toliets

Last week I mentioned how the inmates keep cool during the hot summer months by using water from their toilets.

Like you, I also had a disgust reaction to this, so I did ask some questions.

"You use water from the toilets?"

Diego and Cody explained.

The small sinks in the room don't have strong faucets. They said faucets were more like water fountains. So it's difficult to soak or get a lot of water using the sinks. So you use the toilet in the cell.

Still, I wrinkled my nose.

"Well," Diego explained, "the toilets are stainless steel. And since we use the toilets for water we keep them sparkling clean. And it's the same water that goes to the sink."

I don't know if that explanation helps any.

But the explanation did remind me of and illustrate all the disgust and contamination psychology I discuss in Unclean.

If you've read Unclean you know what I'm talking about.

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