My Advice to Churches: Part 5, Go Bilingual

We lament the rise of tribalism among our churches, how an Us vs. Them dynamic fuels xenophobia, racism and nationalism. And yet, we do very little by way of spiritual formation to help our churches in this regard.

If we are what we love, and liturgies shape our loves, what sorts of liturgical practices might help combat xenophobia, racism and nationalism?

Here's my advice for the church: Go bilingual. 

There are 52.6 million Spanish speakers in the US. There are more Spanish speakers in the US than there are in Spain.

Here in Texas, 38% of our citizens speak Spanish. Contemplate that. Over a third of Texans speak Spanish.

Every church in Texas should become bilingual. Or at least give a nod to Spanish-speakers.

For example, how hard would it to be to have Spanish translations on all the PowerPoint slides for praise songs, scripture readings and announcements? Change nothing in your service, just add the Spanish on the PowerPoint slides. How hard is that?

A small change, but a quantum leap in spiritual formation in pushing against xenophobia, racism and nationalism.

To say nothing of being more hospitable to 52.6 million people.

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