Journal Week 12: Rugged Rosaries

Regular readers know I like to use prayer ropes and beads to pray.

I'm hard on prayer beads. I carry them in my pocket wherever I go. So I've broken a few strands.

Looking for something more sturdy and durable, I was directed to Rugged Rosaries, makers of "unbreakable paracord rosaries."

Rugged Rosaries markets itself as a maker of rosaries for manly types. They have rosaries like the Rattlesnake Paracord Military Rosary and the Memento Mori Skull Rosary. If that vibe puts you off, don't let it. They make a great product.

Plus, as the author of The Slavery of Death, I kind of want a Memento Mori Skull Rosary.

But because St. Francis is important to me, I opted to get the San Damiano Rosary (pictured here). And to add a little Christus Victor flavor to the rosary, I had them add St. Benedict and St. Michael medals. You can add all sort of medals to customize your rosary.

Now, I don't actually pray the rosary with these prayer beads. I use the beads to say the Lord's Prayer and the Jesus Prayer. The reason I opted for this product is because, well, it's rugged. I'm not particularly manly, but these are prayer beads that can take a beating and will last for years. I carry them in my pocket wherever I go.

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