Love is Science

1 John makes two big statements about ontology and epistemology.

Ontology involves statements about existence, being and reality. Ontology concerns itself with what is.

Epistemology, by contrast, is about knowing. Something might exist, but how could we come to know anything about it? How can we test or verify what we think we know about existence and reality?

Regarding ontology, the ground and nature of reality, 1 John makes this statement: "God is love."

Regarding epistemology, about how we can come to know reality, 1 John makes this statement: "The one who loves knows God."

Love, therefore, is a way of knowing, a way of investigating reality. God is love (ontology), and the one who loves knows God (epistemology).

In short, love is a science. Love is as rigorously factual and empirical as any test tube or controlled experiment.

Love is a technology of knowing. Love uncovers facts about the cosmos. Love reveals the truth.

Love is as scientific an instrument as a telescope, microscope, petri dish or particle accelerator.

Love is science.

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