Journal Week 25: Things I Miss About Home

I love visiting the UK and Europe. There is so much that I love and prefer about the UK and Europe in relation to the United States.

But there are some things I most definitely love about home. Here's a short list.
1. Air conditioning

2. Obligatory, free water at restaurants

3. Free refills for sodas at restaurants

4. Free public bathrooms

5. Dryers for your washed clothing
To be clear, I'm not saying I'm a good person for missing any of these things. I'm aware that dryers and air conditioning consume energy. I'm just saying I miss them.

You miss air conditioning coming back to a hot hostel after a long hot day walking a city. You miss a dryer when you need to quickly wash and dry clothing because you've packed lightly. You miss not paying a fortune for water and sodas every time you eat out with your family. And you get tired of looking for a spare euro every time you need to pee.

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