An Inspector Calls: On the Little Way and Social Justice

Much thanks to my friend and colleague David for introducing me to the BBC movie An Inspector Calls. I was able to stream the movie on Amazon Prime, not sure where else you might get access to it.

I don't want to give any spoilers, but just let me say three things.


Second, what is the movie about? Let me describe it this way. An Inspector Calls is a classic English parlor room Who-Done-It? with a religious and social justice twist. Again, just watch it.

Third, one of the things I really loved about the movie goes to a point I try to make in Stranger God. Specifically, whenever I talk about the Little Way a lot of the progressive justice warriors in the room are less than impressed. Small practices of kindness, it seems, just aren't big, political, or substantial enough to change the world.

Well, An Inspector Calls is the best illustration I've seen about how kindness connects to social and systemic justices and injustices. Seriously, I think An Inspector Calls is as accurate a diagnosis of what's wrong with the world, and how we might change it, as I've ever seen.

As I say in Stranger God, kindness is the revolution we've all been looking for. Even the social justice warriors.

Just watch An Inspector Calls and let the movie show you.

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