Journal Week 30: Finished!

First off, an update on Jana and her nurse.

Thank you for your prayers. Jana's doing awesome, healing, and getting better every day. And her nurse, Jana's informs me, is going great. It's actually been a very sweet time for us together.

Most of what I've been doing, as Jana has slept and rested, is work on my Johnny Cash book, tentatively titled Trains, Jesus, and Murder: The Gospel According to Johnny Cash. I'll write a few pages, then read them to Jana, write a few more pages, then read them to Jana.

And last night, I read her the final pages. The book is all done! All done in first draft form. So now I have to go back to the first page and start cleaning it all up. Tightening up the writing, making sure the chapters hang and flow together, and pain of all pains, the detail work of getting all the bibliographic info done for all the footnotes. All that will take a few weeks, and then I'll send the manuscript in.

I'm really excited about this book. After Reviving Old Scratch and Stranger God I think I've really learned a lot about how to write for a popular, general audience. I even have developed a theory about how to write "the perfect chapter." So no matter if you're new to Johnny Cash or a lifetime fan, I think you're going to enjoy this book!

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