Journal Week 37: Starting the Day With Prayer

Prayer doesn't come naturally to me. The thing that has saved my prayer life is structured prayer and prayer beads. I've written about all that before.

After reading Tish Warren Harrison's Liturgy of the Ordinary I've felt the need to start my days with prayer. Harrison makes the point that when we reach for our smartphone the very first thing in the morning to scroll through email or social media we "imprint" our day. Our day begins with this act of worship, telling our brains what to care about and what to think about. No wonder Donald Trump looms large in many hearts and minds. He's the very first thing you think about in the morning. 

So Harrison recommends a different liturgy. Prayer before reaching for the smartphone. Start the day with a different sort of "imprint." Don't make Donald Trump the very first thing you think about today.

So for the last few weeks I've been getting up and not reaching for my phone or laptop. Instead, I grab my Bible, a book of meditations, and a prayer journal. I start the coffee and sit at the kitchen table to pray.

I can't say I have solid data on how much this new habit has affected me. I can't tell you I'm 10% more peaceful having started my days off with prayer. And I don't like talking much about prayer as it can often demoralize others, one more thing you're not doing well in your spiritual life. I just share this because I think it's important in a crazy world to be intentional about practicing peace, gratitude, and joy.

Social media doesn't care about your soul, so you're going to have to.

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