Washington's Journey: A Crescimento Limpo Update

As you contemplate end of the year giving, I wanted to share an update about Crescimento Limpo and the amazing work my dear friends Mark and Ali Kaiser are doing in Brazil. 

Crescimento Limpo continues to grow and expand. The cafe they have created at the garden has become a local favorite for lunch as it provides work for the residents at the house. A meal for the homeless is served there each week as well, which goes back to the origin story of this ministry which started with Mark and Ali inviting the homeless off the streets and into their house each week for a simple meal of rice and beans. 

The farming at CL has also continued to expand as they have acquired a plot of land on the end of town, just a few minutes walk from the garden. The farm also provides work and employment for the CL residents. 

CL began by serving those struggling with addiction and homelessness, but over the last year they've been increasingly working with Venezuelan refugees, finding them stable housing. 

Finally, many of the long term residents of CL have now started moving out of the main house to enjoy independent living. Below CL shares the story of Washington. It's a wonderful example of how CL accompanied him through every step of his journey, from homelessness to health to employment to now living on his own. When I was in Brazil a few years ago, I got to have lunch with Washington, who was living in the main CL house at the time. It's a joy to see where he is today:

If you would like to get more information or support the work of Crescimento Limpo please visit and give through their Global Giving page.

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