Starting Lent in Texas

There won't be an installment about the Lord of the Rings this week. We'll pick up next week, Lord willing.

The reason for the pause, if you missed this news, was the emergency situation here in Texas this week. Jana and I lost power late Sunday night in subfreezing temperatures. And then the city of Abilene lost its water supply Monday. So from Sunday to today (Thursday), things have been very precarious here.

Though stressful, there was a grace in seeing family, church, and neighbors respond to each other. People shifted around town to the homes of friends who had power. Jana and I had so many offers and options to be safe and warm. And churches in town opened themselves up to the community as warming centers (even for the pets!). I love the church and don't know how people survive without one.

Anyway, it was an interesting situation to be in on Ash Wednesday. Obviously, all church services were canceled in town. But I felt the ashes on my head nonetheless. We were living through days where our mortality and the precarious nature of life were at the forefront of our minds.

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