Go Wildcats!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled theological programming to bring you some sports news from the NCAA men's March Madness tournament. I feel that my sports loving readers would be disappointed if there was no mention of this news on the blog.

If you missed it, little 'ol Abilene Christian University, the 14th seed, upset state powerhouse Texas University, the 3rd seed, last night!

I'm a sports person, and basketball is our family's main sport. So last night was pretty amazing on so many levels. My sons were together on campus watching the game in Wildcat Stadium with all the students, who properly lost their collective minds when we won. And it's such a crazy experience seeing students of yours--many of the team have been in my classes--being in the national spotlight. 

Also fun, ACU aired a national commercial last night and yours truly briefly appeared on screen (at the 12 second mark). 

Here's my take on the game. Size-wise we were totally overmatched. Points were hard. But ACU led the nation in forcing turnovers, and that's what happened last night. A scrappy, tenacious defense. So, so impressive. I said to Jana before the game, "Here's why I think ACU has a chance. Offenses can choke. Three point shooting can choke. Star players can choke. But defenses? Defenses don't choke."

So, congratulations Wildcats! 

And stay tuned. We play UCLA on Monday.

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