Hunting Magic Eels: Podcast and Interview

I promise I'll keep the book promotion stuff to a minimum, but with Hunting Magic Eels now officially out I wanted to point you to a recent podcast and and interview I did about the book.

First, many of you know Luke Norsworthy and his podcast. Luke and I had a conversation about Hunting Magic Eels if you'd like to give that a listen, or find it wherever you get your podcasts. 

Second, I had the most fun and insightful interview with Addie Helms, who owns Addie's Boutique here in Abilene, TX. Addie hosts coffee chats with local artists and artisans on her Facebook Live feed, and I was her first author to be interviewed. Jana joined us because she's friends with Addie and one of the artists featured in the store. As mentioned in the interview, Jana makes a line of handmade brooches called "Tiny Joys." Anyway, Addie is just a wonderful interviewer, and she, Jana and I had a delightful and lively conversation about the book. You can watch our Facebook Live conversation here.

I hope you get a chance to read Hunting Magic Eels, and if you're so inclined please give the book a share on your social media platforms. If you like the podcast with Luke or the interview with Addie, share those as well. And reviews on Amazon or Goodreads are much appreciated.

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