Hunting Magic Eels on Audible. Plus a Study Guide!

Hunting Magic Eels is my first book to appear in audio format. Today the audiobook of Hunting Magic Eels releases on Audible. For years readers have asked if any of my books would be released in this format. And today I can answer, "Yes. Hunting Magic Eels."

Also related to the book, my church is doing an adult faith series on enchantment using Hunting Magic Eels. I prepared a six to five week study guide for my church. You can download it here if you'd like to use if for your church or reading group. It might also be helpful if you'd like to preach a series on enchantment using the book. My denomination and church are pretty focused on Bible study, so you'll see in the study guide that I lead with Scripture rather than with my book.

Again, thank you to all of you who have shared links to the book on social media, written a review on Amazon or Goodreads, or who have selected it for a study or book club. 

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