Prison Prayer Request

As I've shared, after a long absence due to COVID, chaplain volunteers have recently been allowed back to the unit on Sundays to participate and preach in the prison worship services.

I preached in two services yesterday. In one of the services, we had a moment where the men could come forward for prayer. Three men came to me and we shared in a time of prayer.

The request that struck me was from Robert. Robert was heavily tattooed, even on his eyelids. Obviously, an intimidating appearance. But as Robert shared his prayer request, tears started to fill his eyes.

Robert was a stutterer. And he wanted prayers for his speech. When he's anxious or emotional, he can't express himself. What he carries on the inside cannot make it to the outside. In fact, Robert shared that the reason for all his tattoos is that they communicate the important things that he cannot. He has etched his heart on his skin.

I prayed. For the healing of Robert's speech, but mostly for his pain, his frustration, his embarrassment, his shame. 

I left the unit thinking about Robert. We're all carrying on the inside some fragile thing, our external facades masking some shame or deep frustration. Looking at Robert, you wouldn't know the pain he carried. When we gaze at each other we can't see what is hidden on the inside. Like Robert, we're all carrying, even hiding, some private fragile thing. 

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