"Bible Class," a poem

During a season when our Adult faith Bible classes were going through a study using Hunting Magic Eels, I wrote a poem for my class entitled, very creatively (!), "Bible class." You'll see some of my attempt in the poem at (re)connecting enchantment to going to church and a Bible class. Everything can be full of enchantment if we open our eyes to see. 

“Bible Class”

Here, now, see
in front of you,
inside, above, below, behind you.
Beauty. Grace.
Light and Love
shining through
your transparent self,
and dancing off the water
of sight, sound, and perception.
Hush your anxious mind
and listen to
the Heartbeat
behind your own.

You have what you need.
Our faith
and its worn, trusted paths.
Sermon, sacrament, and song.
And us,
friends and fellow pilgrims
sharing our broken, honest care.
Each a telescope and scrying glass
to reveal the fine, imperceptible threads,
the ligaments of sacred light,
holding the whole of our joy and grief,
and the far hope
of reconciliation and reunion.

Here you are
or at least find yourself.
Look at the world.
Behold again.
Behold anew.
The miracle is close,
intimate as breath,
gentle in the breeze,
in sunlight and trees.

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