Everyone Gets To Where They Are Going

Jana and I were talking with our boys yesterday about their grandparents, Jana's mom and dad and my mom and dad. Those are four beautiful souls. And they get more and more beautiful as the years pass.

Those observations put me in mind of the idea behind C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce, which I summarized in our conversation as "Everyone gets to where they are going."

We're all heading somewhere. Our character is an arrow, a path, a trajectory. Like it or not, your life is aiming at something. There is as destination you are walking toward. And the ultimate "judgment" that is passed upon our life by God is simply the generosity that allows you to get to where you are going. That's C.S. Lewis' vision of hell in The Great Divorce, that if your life is about choosing yourself, well, that's what you get in the end, yourself. You will get to where you are going. That's your punishment. Yourself. Conversely, if you're choosing love, well, you will also get to where you are going.

So that's what I told my sons. Their grandparents have been heading in a direction for a very long time. They are getting to where they are going. That's why they are so beautiful. Other people, not so beautiful, they are also getting to where they are going. 

We are all, I said to my sons, getting to where we are going.

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