Everything I Learned about Christmas I Learned from TV: Part 3, The True Meaning of Christmas

After the hints about Christmas from the Grinch and Rudolph I finally turned to that trusted friend Charlie Brown.

In A Charlie Brown Christmas Charlie Brown is struggling to find out why Christmas is so depressing. He seeks advice from this local psychiatrist, Lucy, who gets him to direct the school Christmas play.

Well, this doesn't go very well. Eventually, Charlie Brown is rejected as director and asked instead to go buy a Christmas tree for the play.

Most of the symbolism in A Charlie Brown Christmas focuses on the tree he picks out. Out of all the shiny, bright metallic trees (Which I never have understood, btw. Why are they selling hollow metallic trees? Was this ever a trend?)

Charlie Brown picks a real but forlorn little tree that isn't much more than a branch.

Charlie Brown takes this "tree" back to the cast and they laugh at both him and the tree. This ridicule pushes Charlie Brown over the edge and he finally screams, "Would someone please tell me the true meaning of Christmas!!!!!" At which point Linus steps forward.

But before we hear Linus' answer, let's reflect on the symbol of the forlorn little Christmas tree. It's a humble little tree, not much to look at. And it's rejected and despised by men. And yet, it is real. All those flashy other trees are dead, cold, and fake. They are empty and hollow. But this fragile little tree is REAL. It's fragile, but real.

And all this taught me that whatever Christmas is about, it is about something that is humble, about something fragile and weak, about something that is despised, marginalized, and overlooked. It is life, it's real, but it's so humble that it is easily overlooked and passed over. Further, its humility makes it a stone of stumbling, a scandal, and a reason for offense.

So, to recap, these are all the lessons I learned about Christmas from watching TV:

I learned that Christmas was MORE and that it had something to do with finding community.
I learned that, because of Christmas, there were no more misfits, no more outsiders or marginalized ones.
I learned about empathy, compassion, and that Messiahs might be misfits.
I learned about how community can be the route for the redemption of evil.
And here with Charlie Brown, I learned that the humility of Christmas makes it oft overlooked and despised.

But to this point in all this TV viewing no one ever connected the dots among all these things. No one had spoken the word that explained just what all this stuff had to do with Christmas. So I perfectly understood why Charlie Brown screamed "Would someone please tell me the true meaning of Christmas!!!!!"

Well, Charile Brown and I finally got our answer. Linus steps forward and explains it all:

May there be peace on earth and good will toward all. Merry Christmas.

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2 thoughts on “Everything I Learned about Christmas I Learned from TV: Part 3, The True Meaning of Christmas”

  1. I think you posted this before...am I right? I found last week, actually when I was doing some research on google (funny the things that pop up on google).

    This entry is what made me subscribe to your blog. I love it I've always loved this movie, even before I udnerstood the deep underlying meaning. SOMETHING attracted me to this story and I later learned that it was the beautiful gospel of Christ!

    I love that Linus is the theologian of the group and yet always has his security blanket-a reminder that none of us have it all together.

    I look forward to reading your blog more!

  2. Hi April,
    Thanks. Yes, these are reposted from last year. But some of the YouTube links needed fixed and I added pictures to the posts to freshen them up.

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