Extended Family & Joy! Enough to Go Around

I saw this WalMart/Coke commercial as a short ad before a movie. I just love the theme. It shows, for me at least, a notion of family and community in our modern context. Fractured families, workplace associations, online friends, quirky connections. A lot of people in the church see a lot of bad stuff in modern relational trends; for them the gold standard for community was the 1950s. No doubt much has been lost. But in this clip I see a more organic, funky, tolerant, and inclusive kind of community. Things have been lost over time, but some things have been gained as well.

If the church is to be anything it is to be extended family with more than enough joy to go around.

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4 thoughts on “Extended Family & Joy! Enough to Go Around”

  1. Thanks for posting that, Richard, and I appreciate your observation about things both lost and gained. Knowing how sophisticated advertising targeting can be, I'm curious to know what movie this ad was used as a trailer for... might say something interesting about who the sponsor sees as the target audience.

  2. FP,
    We saw it before the movie Bolt. But it was actually in all the ad stuff prior to the movie previews so I guess it was playing in loops before every movie.

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