Exorcism and the Gospel

One of the arguments I make in Reviving Old Scratch is how central Jesus' ministry of exorcism was to his gospel proclamation, that the "kingdom of God is at hand."

A quote from Ernst Käsemann making this point:
The One who must determine our path and goals is the One who called us into life, preserves us by his grace, and bursts the fetters in which we continually enchain ourselves...For this reason, exorcism is unavoidably connected with the gospel. Since Adam's fall we need liberation from the power of darkness. There, according to Romans 1:18, the truth is held down demonically, so that we no longer know to whom we alone and forever belong. To sum up, healing of the possessed determines the history of salvation. Under the promise and summons of the first commandment, it actualizes the humanization of fallen humanity, and in the midst of the inferno of our world, founds the kingdom of the beloved Son.

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