Journal Week 31: Happy Reunions

Out at the prison on Monday I got to be with the men in our Monday night Bible study for the first time in over two months. Two months!

In fact, it was the first time the entire study was together in over two months. So it was a very, very happy reunion for everyone.

The first month I was gone, teaching abroad in Germany. Normally, my co-teacher Herb would have kept the class going in my absence. But the prison started a month-long renovation of the chapel we use. I have fond memories of winter evenings in the chapel, with no heat and my chair in a puddle of cold water. So the renovation was a happy thing. But it meant no classes for a month.

And then, when I returned, the bi-annual shakedown happened. The unit was locked down for an entire month while cell-to-cell searches for contraband were made. I was back in the States, but had to wait a whole other month.

So on Monday we finally were able to have the study again. The lockdown over and we had a new chapel.

It was wonderful. Like a family reunion. So much to share and catch up on. I told stories about Germany. We had a lesson and discussion from the Gospel of Mark (the Parable of the Sower). And we sang all our favorite hymns. Our harmonies were a bit shaky at first, but by the time we ended with "I Come to the Garden Alone" we were sounding like ourselves again.

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